Webinar 'Equipment for efficient production of integrated photonics’

Although many similarities seem to exist between semicon and photonic production there are major differences. Development of (front end and back end) production equipment tuned to the needs of integrated photonics will provide the photonics industry the tools to efficiently and reliably produce the photonic devices and systems. Equipment companies on the other hand, will be involved in the growing photonics industry and can prepare for the upcoming large global equipment market.

Photon Delta, the TU/e-High Tech Systems Center and High Tech NL jointly invite you for a webinar on ‘Equipment for efficient production of integrated photonics’. This webinar is an introduction to a new program on the development of production, integration/assembly and testing equipment for photonic devices and systems in order to build a successful photonic ecosystem in the Netherlands with global potential.

Timing of the webinar: 14.00 - 15.00 hrs.

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This event is made possible by Holland High Tech MIT-regeling Netwerkactiviteiten