Workshop NWA-ORC: the quantum/nano revolution


5 June 2024
External event Jaarbeurs, Utrecht (NL)

Workshop NWA-ORC: the quantum/nano revolution

NWO is organizing collaborative workshops for the fourteen themes in the NWA-ORC 2024 between May 6 and June 28. The quantum/nano revolution workshops will take place on June 5 and 18.

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Purpose of the theme

The National Science Agenda (NWA) points out the need to better anticipate the consequences of new technology for society, especially for healthcare, where there is an urgent need for affordable improvements. The theme focuses on this need in the context of nanomedicine. This is done by developing this emerging technology and by initiating a broad social dialogue about its acceptable application.

Consortia should focus on one or more of the following three focus areas, combining nanotechnology research with proactively engaging society through upstream public engagement.

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