Rolemodels in tech

Innovation through diversity in Dutch Tech

Diversity in Dutch high-tech is a growing point of attention. Together we emphasize the importance of diversity in the Dutch technology industry and its impact on innovation and success.


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Eva van der Boom (mail)
Human Capital Coordinator

Diversity is crucial for successful Dutch hightech

The Dutch hightech industry has only 15% female employees and a low representation of people with a different cultural background. While diversity can not only attract more talent, it also leads to innovation, success and higher employee satisfaction, making it important for employers to promote diversity.

Role models in tech

In these videos, role models in technology tell you more about the importance of women and diversity in the sector. Based on the Human Capital Action Agenda, we put diversity in the spotlight and celebrate different women in technology

Team Human Capital Agenda

van der Boom
Human Capital Coordinator
van Haasteren
Human Capital project manager