Learning Communities

Learning, working and innovating together

Innovation is the engine of economic growth, sustainability and progress. In a learning community, companies, educational institutions and knowledge institutions work closely together and learning, working and innovation are optimally connected. Innovations are therefore developed more quickly and also find their way more quickly into the practice of business and education.


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What is a Learning community

A Learning Community is a place where optimal cooperation between vocational and higher education, business and research institutions takes shape. And the place where people can develop and innovations are put into practice more quickly. We stimulate learning communities throughout our entire ecosystem.

Ambition top sectors

As top sector, we want to further develop at least 100 public-private partnerships with knowledge and tools about better connecting learning, working and innovation. The ultimate goal is to sustainably strengthen the innovation capacity of our business community.

Learning communities in practice

In these videos we take you to Learning Communities in the Netherlands that are supported by Holland High Tech from the Human Capital Actionagenda.

Learning communities in The Netherlands

This map provides an overview of Learning communities in the Netherlands. In addition, it also shows other forms of collaboration where students, teachers, researchers and professionals from business and government invest, experiment and innovate together for a future-proof Netherlands. This map was compiled by Katapult, a network of more than 450 partnerships between education and business.

Team Human Capital Agenda

van der Boom
Human Capital Coordinator
van Haasteren
Human Capital project manager

Start with a Learning community

How can collaboration between companies, schools and researchers develop into a successful Learning Community? The Action Scan Learning Community provides insight into the 10 factors that determine success. The participants discover which concrete steps they can take to achieve their shared goal. Getting started with Learning communities?

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