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The Netherlands is a world leader in high tech equipment

Dutch companies make ultra-precise, high tech machines and equipment for applications such as medicinal development, the production of medical instruments, data communication, production systems, semiconductor manufacturing and various other markets. However, a new generation of high tech equipment is needed to make the Netherlands future-proof and ensure our ability to cope with the societal problems we are now facing. True progress will not be achievable without innovation and new technologies.

Grant of 450 million from the National Growth Fund for NXTGEN HIGHTECH

The NXTGEN HIGHTECH programme has been awarded a grant of 450 million euros from the National Growth Fund to stimulate structural and sustainable economic growth in the Netherlands. The decision of the advisory committee chaired by Jeroen Dijsselbloem was adopted by the Council of Ministers on 14 April 2022.

Areas of application

In NXTGEN HIGHTECH, new-generation high tech technology solutions for the future generation are offered in six essential areas:

  • Sustainable energy
    green (hydrogen-based) energy and new batteries through producing (more) efficient equipment with thin film technology
  • Laser communication
    equipment for data communication via laser beams and satellites, energy-efficient, safe and with higher capacity
  • Health
    production technology for new chips that make miniature diagnostics possible (‘Lab-on-a-Chip’) or imitate organs (‘Organ-on-a-Chip’), and for devices to replace organs (artificial organs), in combination with focused action to accelerate the search for new medicines and therapies, where possible without animal testing
  • Faster chips
    development of equipment to make even faster and more energy-efficient chips that also feature photonic circuitry, resulting in broader fields of application in medicine, food production and security
  • Lightweight materials
    machines that use innovative composite technology to create lightweight structures that improve energy efficiency in mobility (aviation, cars)
  • Robotics in agriculture and horticultureobotica 
    fast and precise robots that contribute to establishing a sustainable food chain

Marc Hendrikse, Boegbeeld for Holland High Tech and NXTGEN HIGHTECH

“We are proud that the advisory committee has chosen to invest significantly in a new generation of high tech equipment that will contribute immensely to finding solutions for societal challenges in areas such as the energy transition, health, security and food. At the same time, our proposal, which includes more than 40 detailed project plans for high tech machinery and equipment, will significantly boost the earning power of the Netherlands as a country and create many new jobs. The programme team, together with all the companies (the majority of which are SMEs), regional parties and industry associations involved, will now focus on fulfilling the trust put in us by the committee by delivering results in line with the stated ambitions.”

The Dutch high tech sector will be leading in Europe in 2040

The Dutch high tech sector contributes €72 billion to GDP each year. The Netherlands is number 6 in the Global Innovation Index rankings. It is our ambition to become the ‘world champion of high tech’. 

Including the €450 million grant awarded by the National Growth Fund, NXTGEN HIGHTECH will invest about one billion euros in the period up to 2040. The consortium will invest these funds wisely to make the Dutch high tech sector the leading cluster in Europe and generate an additional contribution to GDP of €6 to 11 billion per year.

Collaborative partners

Implementation of the programme is the responsibility of NXTGEN HIGHTECH, a foundation in the process of being formed. The programme is an initiative of Holland High Tech, TNO, High Tech NL, FME, University of Twente, Delft University of Technology, Eindhoven University of Technology, Wageningen University & Research, University of Groningen, and a number of RDAs (including InnovationQuarter, Oost NL, BOM).


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Holland High Tech looks actively for initiatives worthy of growth fund finance and unites technology industries and research organisations in value chains. We put proposals and broadly based programmes on the agenda, support research organisations and companies in jointly developing their plans, and lobby to create support.

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The technologies developed in the top sector have a wide range of applications and permeate all areas of society. In this dossier the following relevant technologies are involved.

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