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Green hydrogen and chemistry for a sustainable Netherlands

Together with the rest of the world, the Netherlands faces an immense climate challenge. Our fossil fuels-based society and industries must be converted to other energy sources. The Netherlands has chosen green hydrogen as the driving force behind that transition. GroenvermogenNL is the investment programme for green assets for the Dutch economy and Dutch society.

Backed by an investment of 338 million euros from the National Growth Fund, ChemistryNL, Energy and Holland High Tech have formed a top sector consortium together with industrial and knowledge partners to exploit the opportunities offered by hydrogen for the energy transition and in the green chemistry sector.

These initiatives will lead to the establishment of a new industry and attract businesses to the Netherlands. Well-trained people and a strong knowledge-sharing structure are needed to make this transition possible. That is what GroenvermogenNL stands for:

  • upscale & innovate
  • convert & build
  • retrain & educate

Good for the climate and the economy

The investment programme runs until 2028 and is guaranteed to get off to a flying start due to the intense interest of large Dutch parties in upscaling hydrogen projects. The potential of hydrogen and sustainably generated electrons for green chemistry is immense. GroenvermogenNL will make a substantial contribution to upscaling climate-neutral hydrogen and the use of green electrons in energy-intensive industries. In addition to working towards the goals of the energy and raw materials transition, GroenvermogenNL will also strengthen the business sector in the Netherlands.

Marc Hendrikse, Boegbeeld Holland High Tech

“GroenvermogenNL creates tremendous opportunities for suppliers to the high tech manufacturing industry, specifically in the areas of electrolysis, systems integration and materials. By linking technical innovation to education and the labour market, GroenvermogenNL will boost society, the economy, and business across a broad front.”


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