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We are Holland High Tech

Holland High Tech is the top sector for High Tech Systems and Materials. Businesses, knowledge institutions and government authorities collaborate intensively in innovation-focused public-private partnerships within our ecosystem.

Teams of Holland High Tech experts develop (key) technologies in a framework of 15 road maps that offer structural solutions to challenges in the fields of climate, sustainability, health, safety and mobility.

Holland High Tech's overall aim is to stimulate innovation, collaboration, internationalisation and economic growth. The approach adopted by Holland High Tech has already proven effective as a method for finding solutions and as an incubator for new applications of technology. We actively share this knowledge with the other top sectors and SMEs.

Investing in innovation

Holland High Tech’s ecosystem consists of 89,000 companies employing more than 500,000 professionals. Multinationals, SMEs, start-ups and scale-ups that together represent 165 billion euros in production value and over 70 billion euros in export value.

Talent: the key to success

The shortage of technical talent is already severe and becoming more acute by the day. We need qualified employees who will continue to learn and develop throughout their lives. Experts with innovation in their DNA! To achieve this, Holland High Tech endorses the Human Capital Agenda of the joint top sectors. 

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Mission driven top sectors

We have been a committed participant in the Dutch government's mission-driven top sector policy since 2011. Would you like to find out more about all the top sectors, the four themes and the associated missions?

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Would you like to read more about what we do? Go to our VISION 2030 (Dutch) to see our ambitions and actions


Current dossiers

What is going on in the ecosystem? Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in our top sector and discover the latest high tech applications and ongoing research.

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