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Mobility Fund

The goal of the Mobility Fund (R&D funding scheme for the mobility sectors) is to facilitate accessibility throughout the Netherlands through safe, innovative and sustainable mobility of people and goods. The fund is the successor to the Infrastructure Fund and is managed by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

The Mobility Fund budget is closely linked to the Multi-Year Programme for Infrastructure, Spatial Planning and Transport. This is an overview of all the spatial planning programmes and projects that central government ministries are currently working on in collaboration with decentralised government organisations, market parties and societal organisations.

As is the case with the Infrastructure Fund, the money disbursed via the fund is used to improve the railway network, tram and metro networks, bus lanes, roads, bicycle infrastructure, flood defences and waterways, including the associated road safety and environmental measures. However, the Mobility Fund can also be used to finance other measures, facilities, research, pilot projects and experiments aimed at the efficient use of infrastructure.

Not only does the fund provide money for infrastructure managed by central government, grants may also be awarded to provincial authorities, municipalities, water boards, other legal entities under public law or private-law legal entities for construction works, improvement initiatives, management and maintenance activities relating to infrastructure managed by those parties, and for operation of that infrastructure.


This grant can be applied for by sending a request to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. The scope of the Mobility Fund will be broader than the current Infrastructure Fund. According to the government, this will improve spending efficiency and increase transparency and accountability in relation to the government's investments in mobility.

Under this proposal, in addition to the construction, management and maintenance of infrastructure, other measures, facilities, research, pilot projects and experiments aimed at the efficient use of infrastructure will be financed via the fund.



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