Knowledge and Innovation Agenda for Security

Security is one of the four societal themes in the mission-driven innovation policy. Under the direction of the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Justice and Security, eight missions have been defined within the theme of Security that require (applied science) innovations. This preparatory work was carried out in close collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, the top sectors, knowledge institutions and the business community.

Pushing forward on the theme of Security requires new partnerships, between companies and universities as organisations, but also at a personal level: collaboration between digital experts and behavioural scientists, between composites specialists and security managers, between electronics designers and experts who develop new navy ships. A challenge that researchers and innovators are eager to take on, as evidenced by the knowledge and innovation agenda set out in this document.

The overarching ambition is to always stay one step ahead of (potential) opponents: ‘always ahead of the threat’ with smart solutions that support a safe and secure society.

Security for all

The Security theme is precisely delineated. Even within this strict definition, the theme is still extremely broad; ranging from defending against external threats, preventing organised crime, protecting critical infrastructures and digital security to safety and security on the streets. This requires the use of the latest scientific insights, (key) technologies and applications, but with adequate attention for ethical and societal aspects. Furthermore, broad combinations of technological, societal and organisational knowledge areas will often be required. Multiple scientific disciplines and top sectors must work together to achieve this.

Coordination of implementation

Holland High Tech coordinates implementation of the Agenda for Security, which was created in collaboration with several other top sectors, specifically ICT, Creative Industry, Logistics and Water & Maritime. The associated core team oversees substantive implementation. The missions under the Agenda for Security call for the development of new knowledge and innovations that contribute to a more secure society and a more resilient Netherlands, and that create economic opportunities, both domestically and in export markets.


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What is a Knowledge and Innovation Agenda?

The government has formulated a new approach for the top sectors and innovation in its Mission-Driven Top Sectors and Innovation Policy. In this approach, economic opportunities and societal tasks are two sides of the same coin. The Mission-Driven Top Sectors and Innovation Policy includes 25 missions divided into 4 societal themes. Since 2019, the top sectors have worked together to create Knowledge and Innovation Agendas for each societal theme, with key enabling technologies and societal earning capacity as the underlying focus.

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