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Erwin Dolmans

With his experience as change manager at SME's and corporate organisations, Erwin Dolmans realises collaborations between SME's and external parties to test new market ideas. In this way, they are more quickly successful and the risks are spread. SMEs and start-ups, in the field of sustainability and technology transitions, can use Erwin to broaden their commercial activities, such as international expansion or the exploration of a new market. Think for instance of expanding your network with private partners or public and educational institutions.

Sustainability and innovation are closely related. But the question of what you need for this, which technology concept is most suitable and how you apply this in practice is often difficult. Also because new technology must first be selected and tested. Erwin has experience with this testing and the match between technology and practical application.

Erwin connects and realises sustainable cooperation between companies, partners and end users. Meet him and see what he can do for you!



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