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Xander Pieterse

Xander Pieterse is a business consultant with a broad background which enables him to easily make connections between the possibilities of high-tech and the opportunities and challenges in various sectors, both nationally and internationally. As an advisor to FME and as a partner at WE-cpv, he is involved in business support for innovation, particularly for SMEs and start-ups. This usually involves questions regarding the exploration of new markets and application areas, building up the required network, building up partnerships (in consortia or within new value chains), drawing up business plans and cases, finding funding and solving financial issues.

His broad commitment can be traced back to recent examples of Xander's involvement such as: innovation for industrial electrification, innovation for the sustainability of our food chain, nanotechnology for emission reduction, the smart city (mobility, health and safety), climate adaptation, the circular raw materials economy, circular building and 3D printing and preventive maintenance.



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