Holland High Tech pavilion at SEMICON Europa 2022


15 November 2022 - 17 November 2022
Holland High Tech event Messe M√ľnchen (DE)

Holland High Tech pavilion at SEMICON Europa 2022

High Tech NL's cluster Holland Semiconductors will again organise a joint Holland High Tech pavilion at SEMICON Europa 2022 in Munich, from 15-18 November. We will present the Dutch Semicon ecosystem and the strength of the Nederlands: the creative collaboration between end product producers and the supply chain.

The entire Semicon value chain in one country!

The Netherlands is one of the few countries in the world, to have a complete value chain within its borders. From applied research, design architecture, the production of chips and the equipment required to make them, through to system integration and actual applications. The Netherlands also has a large base of companies that provide equipment for the semicon manufacturing sector.

Exhibitors at the Holland High Tech pavilion

  • BKB Precision
  • Boschman Advanced Packaging Technology
  • Chip Tech Twente – Kennispark Twente
  • Elect High-Tech Electronics
  • Fastmicro
  • High Tech NL
  • ITEC
  • KMWE Precision
  • LouwersHanique
  • New Cosmos-BIE
  • NTS
  • Odyssey Europe
  • PHIX Photonics Assembly
  • PhotonDelta
  • Raith
  • Salland Engineering (Europe)
  • Sempro Technologies
  • Sencio
  • SMART Photonics
  • Solutions-On-Silicon
  • Teesing Systems
  • Tempress


Dates: 15-18 November 2022  |  Location: Messe München

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