Scienceweekend 2024


5 October 2024 - 6 October 2024
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Scienceweekend 2024

Every year the first weekend of October is dedicated to science and technology. During Science Weekend, this year on October 5 and 6, participants will open throughout the country
open their doors for free to introduce a young, enthusiastic and curious audience to the wonderful world of technology and science. The national Science Weekend is organized by NEMO Science Museum on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

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Why is Science Weekend organized?

Science Weekend is there to provide insight to young and old in an accessible way in the world of science and technology. This is how children and young people work together fun way to become acquainted with applications and professions of the future.

Why participate?

By opening your organization to the public, you show how important science and technology are. At the same time, you share the mission and message of your organization with a broad, diverse audience. It is an opportunity to show what your organization is proud of
make science and technology accessible to everyone.

What does participation entail?

Organize a public activity during Science Weekend, which is suitable for children between 8-14 years old. You as an organization determine how this is done. Everything is possible: from tests, experiments and workshops to guest speakers and guided tours.

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