Techcafé: Artificial Intelligence


20 April 2023, 16:30
External event Mikrocentrum, Veldhoven (NL)

Techcafé: Artificial Intelligence

What can we do with Artificial Intelligence in the production company? Where should we start, or have we already started? This and much more will be discussed in the Techcafé on April 20. Maarten Roos will talk to 4 experts in this field.

AI makes it possible for technical systems to perceive their environment, deal with these perceptions and solve problems to achieve a specific goal. The computer receives data - already prepared and collected via its own sensors, such as a camera - processes it and responds to it. AI systems are able to adjust their behavior to some extent, analyzing the effect of previous actions and working autonomously.

Mikrocentrum opens its doors for this talk show at 3:30 PM. From 17:00 there is plenty of time to network.

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