Workshop NWA-ORC: Regenerative medicine


31 May 2024
External event Jaarbeurs, Utrecht (NL)

Workshop NWA-ORC: Regenerative medicine

NWO is organizing collaborative workshops for the fourteen themes in the NWA-ORC 2024 between May 6 and June 28. The Regenerative Medicine workshops will take place on May 15 and 31.

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Purpose of the theme

Within the NWA Regenerative Medicine route, we try, among other things, to create models of tissues and organs for laboratory research. By studying these models, we learn more about how organs develop and what goes wrong in different diseases. We can also use these models to develop and test medicines.

This theme focuses on the innovation and application of human 3-dimensional (3D) tissue models. With this theme we want to ensure that progress is made in both biomedical innovation and the future implementation of these models to further advance the research field and healthcare. Direct clinical applications are outside this theme.

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