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ZORRO: Engineering for Zero Downtime in Cyber-Physical Systems via Intelligent Diagnostics

No more system malfunctions? The ZORRO project is working on diagnostic methods for high-tech systems, such as MRI scanners and printers. By continuously monitoring their behaviour with suitable sensors, algorithms from AI can detect anomalous patterns and relate these to their root causes. Suitable measures, such as replacements or repairs, can then prevent failures.

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We aim at breakthroughs in complexity with ZORRO: not diagnostics for simple components, but for entire systems; efficient monitoring systems that combine different sensor types; automation of diagnostic processes by capturing domain knowledge in diagnostic models and integrate these into the engineering process for high-tech systems.

Programme leader

prof. dr. M.I.A. Stoelinga (University of Twente)


Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.


Co-funders: ESI TNO, ASML, CPP, ITEC, Philips, TFS.

National investment programme

The grant comes from the call Next Generation High-tech-Equipment: cyber-physical systems (KIC). The call aims to work on multidisciplinary integration of cyber-physical systems. The physical and digital components of a cyber-physical system are inseparable. By improving the interaction between the two components, progress is possible in areas such as efficiency, affordability and predictability. The Netherlands is an international leader in ultra-precise high-tech equipment. As such, the Dutch high-tech industry makes an important contribution to the prosperity and earning power of the Netherlands.

The research programme Next Generation Hightech Equipment: cyber-physical systems (KIC) is in line with the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda (KIA) for Key Enabling Technologies, and specifically with the national investment programme NXTGEN HIGHTECH, in-depth programme Cyber Physical Systems.

Agenda Key Enabling Technologies Healthcare Technology High Tech Materials News PPS grant Printing