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'It is the combination of technologies and applied research that shows the strength of universities of applied sciences.' With those words, Marc Hendrikse, figurehead of the top sector High Tech Systems and Materials (HTSM), accepted the first issue of PIT #5, edition Key Enabling Technologies. PIT magazine is a publication of Regieorgaan SIA (Taskforce for Applied Research SIA) and is about applied research performed by universities of applied sciences.

Effective energy transition, new food production methods, faster and cheaper medical diagnostics: technology can help us to contribute to solutions for society's grant challenges. Research groups of universities of applied sciences play an important role in these various fields with technology and solution-oriented research, together with companies and other knowledge partners.

Claudia Reiner, entrepreneur and board member of Regieorgaan SIA, handed over the first issue of PIT #5 to Hendrikse during the Precision Fair on 15 November in Den Bosch. She mentioned some examples from the magazine: 'I am thinking of the innovative 3D metal printing research of some collaborating universities of applied sciences and the project in which drone technology is developed for the maintenance of offshore wind turbines. And also the Fontys project in which DNA technology will be used in testing devices to quickly detect a viral infection at the general practitioner’s office.'

Partner for research

Universities of applied sciences act as partner regarding research for companies in the region, says Reiner. 'We really need each other, business and universities of applied sciences. I therefore reach out to the top sector HTSM to seek each other out even more.' Hendrikse said he was happy to accept the invitation: 'For companies, this is a super relevant collaboration to work on innovations. I see opportunities for strong joint programming.'

The PIT magazine gives a diverse picture of research on key enabling technologies by research groups of universities of applied sciences in cooperation with partners.

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News Agenda Key Enabling Technologies Human Capital