Battery Integration

Battery energy storage plays a crucial role in the energy transition. It is a critical technology for integrating renewable energy, stabilizing the grid, managing peak loads, enabling energy time shifting, supporting electrification of transportation and other energy-intensive sectors, and promoting the development of
distributed energy systems.

Programme duration: 4 years | 2024 - 2027

Battery energy storage plays a vital role in achieving a cleaner, more sustainable, and resilient future energy system. Multidisciplinary research into all stages of the battery life-cycle – from raw materials to recycling – will reveal an integrated approach to create next-generation battery systems.

Strategic program “Battery integration” addresses except the battery chemistry four
crucial aspects:

  1. Innovative battery designs
  2. Intelligent application and systems
  3. Life cycle analysis, second life and recycling
  4. Battery materials and design


Programme lead

Programme consortium

TU Delft | TU Eindhoven | University of Twente | TNO

(industrial partners involved will be disclosed in the projects involved)

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