The Dutch space sector, a strong national ecosystem, contributes to solving important societal challenges. This concerns, for example, safety, weather and climate and defense. The Netherlands, the EU and NATO recognize the critical nature of this infrastructure and space activities are booming worldwide. This automatically creates new challenges and opportunities for the Netherlands.

Programme duration: 4 years | 2024 - 2027

The Netherlands collaborates with international organizations in space. In order to make a technological contribution, the Netherlands must have an excellent knowledge position. This requires national resources to develop technologies at an early stage. TKI projects are therefore essential for the space sector, because they enable knowledge institutions and companies to participate effectively in major ESA and EU projects.

In line with the long-term space agenda (LTR), the sector wants to focus on 4 application fields, namely laser satellite communication, space situational awareness, “Position, navigation and timing (PNT)” and earth observation. To achieve this it is necessary to improve space infrastructure. In particular platforms, launchers and data usage.


Programme lead

Programme consortium

TNO | NLR | TU Delft | NWO-I 

(industrial partners involved will be disclosed in the projects involved)