Key technologies are of great importance for the Dutch hightech manufacturing industry. Key technologies enable companies to develop and market new products, processes and services. These technologies form the basis for innovation, competitiveness and economic growth, not only within the high-tech sector, but also in other important sectors for the Netherlands. As coordinator of the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda Key Technologies, Holland High Tech agendas and programs strategic key technology developments, with a focus on the contribution to urgent transitions and cooperation with the National Growth Fund and European programs.

Stand of affairs

Key technologies play an essential role for the Dutch hightech manufacturing industry. If you develop in-depth knowledge and expertise in this area, you as a company can develop and market completely new products, processes and services. This way we can realize technological innovation, create new value chains and acquire control points. This allows companies to strengthen their competitive position compared to other players in the industry. That is why we give key technologies a prominent position in all roadmaps of the Top Sector High Tech Systems and Materials.


The Dutch hightech sector develops solutions for social challenges based on key technologies by realizing products and services that are economically viable. Holland High Tech is therefore working to strengthen the global economic position of the sector. We do this by continuing and increasing substantial investments in innovation programs for key technologies.

Action points


As Holland High Tech, we realize our ambition by focusing on innovation programs, knowledge sharing and networks. We do this in the following ways:

Together with all those involved in the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda (KIA) Key Technologies, we contribute to the programming of innovations on all relevant high-tech topics. We do this primarily on the key technologies that are identified as the most important in the National Technology Strategy.

On the agenda

Key technologies play an important role for the high-tech sector. That is why, as Holland High Tech, we are coordinator of the KIA Key Technologies. We follow developments surrounding key technologies and emerging technologies in the field. We take the lead in strategic key technology development together with parties affiliated with KIA Key Technologies.


In our (strategic) programming of public-private partnerships, we stimulate research into and (further) development of innovations in key technologies. These are key technologies that contribute to the urgent transitions (the energy, circular and digitalization transition) for our own and other industries. We aim to make these innovation projects also part of the National Growth Fund and European programs.


We look to the future: to the urgent transitions, the innovations that contribute to them and our role in this as a high-tech sector. We cannot do this alone, but we do this together with stakeholders from our ecosystem: leaders from the business community, from knowledge institutions and training courses and from the government. We will work together!

To the VISION 2030


Innovation is essential for the Netherlands. We work on smart technologies to tackle major societal challenges: Dutch solutions for global issues. With technological innovation and unique knowledge, we as a country anticipate security of work and income in the future. Holland High Tech increases the impact of innovation. Discover more about the urgent transitions and our (key) technologies.

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