Quantum Technologies

Quantum technologies harnesses the principles of quantum mechanics, and can revolutionize our society, by offering far-reaching solutions such as highly secure digital communications, efficient energy, sensitive medical diagnostics, environmental control & monitoring and novel drug discovery. Due to their strategic significance, quantum technologies have already gained substantial geopolitical attention where governments and businesses are creating stringent policies and investing substantial resources, both to maintain a competitive edge and to harness their disruptive potential.

Programme duration: 4 years | 2024 - 2027

The quantum technologies (computing, communication and sensing) are in their early stages of development, and faces significant technical challenges, though as they advance, the applications in various sectors will become more tangible and transformative. The objective of this program is to propel the demand-driven research and development cycle of quantum technologies. The Netherlands is a forerunner in attaining numerous scientific breakthroughs in quantum technologies. The Dutch quantum ecosystem is thriving with its solid knowledge-base and growing start-up base. However it needs sustenance.

Therefore, this program supports close collaboration between knowledge institutes like TNO and QuTech in Delft, Hendrik Casimir Institute in Eindhoven, University of Leiden, CWI in Amsterdam, MESA+ Institute in Enschede, government and private sectors such as industries and SMEs, to accelerate market-readiness, government and private sectors such as industries and SMEs, to accelerate market-readiness of the quantum technologies.


Programme lead

Programme consortium

QuTech | TNO | TU Delft | TU Eindhoven | University of Twente (MESA+)

(industrial partners involved will be disclosed in the projects involved)