Medical Technology

Medical Technology (MedTech) is a very important and promising application area based on a multitude of underlying key enabling technologies. MedTech is seen as one of the important new value chains where the Dutch high-tech industry can realise sustainable earning power and societal impact. Key enabling technologies are crucial for the development of medical technology.

Programme duration: 4 years | 2024 - 2027

The MedTech programme stimulates, through public-private partnerships, the development of imaging and sensor & actuator key enabling technologies and their integration into new healthcare products and services. In terms of content, the programme focuses on areas where the Netherlands holds leading positions and where many relevant technological innovations can be expected:

  1. Imaging and image-guided intervention systems
  2. Sensors and digital technology
  3. Medical devices and surveillance systems

Research in these technology domains through collaboration between large companies, SMEs, technological knowledge institutes and healthcare parties strengthens the Dutch MedTech ecosystem. The results will contribute to making healthcare more sustainable and accessible by accelerating, improving and making cost-effective diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of patients.


Programme lead

Programme consortium

TU Delft | TU Eindhoven | University of Twente | University of Groningen | TNO

(industrial partners involved will be disclosed in the projects involved)

Technology Road Map

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Knowledge and Innovation Agendas (KIAs)