Knowledge and Innovation Agenda for Key Enabling Technologies

In the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda for Key Enabling Technologies, the Top Sectors jointly express their ambitions in the area of technology development. The selected key enabling technologies are widely applicable and have a significant impact on innovations in different sectors. They will radically change the way we live, learn, innovate, work and produce, and generate opportunities for solving problems in society.

Key enabling technologies also play an essential role in overcoming societal challenges. In addition, they have the potential to contribute significantly to the economy, by creating new business activities and new markets, increasing competitiveness, and boosting job growth. 

“These technologies help us make advances on all fronts now and in the future: scientifically, economically and socially. For example, by generating solutions to issues related to climate, security, mobility and healthcare.”

Source: Advisory Council for Science, Technology and Innovation, A more forceful choice for key technologies, 2020

Technology clusters 

The Agenda for Enabling Technologies includes the following technology clusters: 

  • Chemical Technologies 
  • Digital Technologies 
  • Engineering and Fabrication Technologies 
  • Photonics and Light Technologies 
  • Advanced Materials 
  • Quantum Technologies 
  • Life science Technologies 
  • Nano Technologies 

These clusters define the technical scope for the key enabling technologies approach as part of the Mission-Driven Top Sectors and Innovation Policy (in Dutch). They have been chosen based on the ‘Quantitative analysis of Dutch research and innovation in key technologies’ study (Elsevier Research Intelligence, 2018).

Coordination of implementation 

Holland High Tech coordinates implementation of the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda for Key Enabling Technologies. The associated theme team drives the Agenda forward by setting out the course for the development of key enabling technologies and by pooling forces and resources. The associated core team oversees substantive implementation via Broadly Supported Programmes.

These Broadly Supported Programmes (BGP's) have their scientific basis in one or more key enabling technologies, encompass one or more application domains, and can count on support and (financial) commitment from one or more partners within the Knowledge and Innovation Covenant (KIC). 


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The Knowledge and Innovation Agenda for Key Enabling Technologies 2024-2027 is online (in Dutch)

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Developments KIA Key Enabling Technologies

Marc Hendrikse, leader of our top sector and chairman of the KIA Key Technologies theme team, gave an extensive update on the results achieved and the prospects for the future of the KIA Key Technologies.

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What is a Knowledge and Innovation Agenda?

The government has formulated a new approach for the top sectors and innovation in its Mission-Driven Top Sectors and Innovation Policy. In this approach, economic opportunities and societal tasks are two sides of the same coin. The Mission-Driven Top Sectors and Innovation Policy includes 25 missions divided into 4 societal themes. Since 2019, the top sectors have worked together to create Knowledge and Innovation Agendas for each societal theme, with key enabling technologies and societal earning capacity as the underlying focus.

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