Printing technology encompasses print heads and functional materials, advanced measurement and control technology, digital printing platform architectures, disruptive 3D printing technologies and print materials.

Value for the Dutch high tech industry

The market is increasingly moving towards personalised, on-demand and locally made products. Manufacturing companies can differentiate themselves with smart, decentralised production and development processes and shorter supply chains.

Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, is a technique in which a three-dimensional object is built from several layers of printed material based on a digital design. Now that additive manufacturing is becoming increasingly common in series production, its impact will grow significantly. 

Compared to traditional manufacturing technologies, additive manufacturing offers advantages such as the ability to produce more complex designs, use less material, produce lighter products and achieve enhanced product performance and features.

More and more companies are extending 3D printing to other areas, rather than solely using it for prototyping. So the technology is increasingly being used for series production of finished products. A number of trends are emerging as a result: manufacturers and major suppliers are now investing heavily in 3D printing, more and more mid-sized suppliers are differentiating themselves in the market by offering additive manufacturing, and startups with digital business models have won market share in a short period of time.

What we do as Holland High Tech

Holland High Tech supports the sector by funding research and innovation and by helping identify the right partners within business, government and education. We contribute to the international perspective and to finding sufficient employees through the human capital programme.

Printing Road Map

In the Holland High Tech 2020 Road Map, you can read how the printing sector is developing. This road map is a stakeholder vision of the R&D needs of the Dutch printing sector for the coming years. This road map is intended as a guideline that sets out a further development path for the industry and its stakeholders, and defines a supportive strategy for government, to ensure optimal continued development in partnership with education and to contribute to solutions in this decade.

Printing Road Map

From the World of Print to the Printed World
September, 2020

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