Knowledge and Innovation Agenda HTSM 2018-2021

The High Tech Systems and Materials Knowledge and Innovation Agenda 2018 - 2021 combines the priorities of the 2017 coalition agreement with the Top Sector's experience with public-private partnerships. This Knowledge and Innovation Agenda formulates opportunities for technologies within mission-driven innovation policy and the interpretations of societal themes in national and regional agendas. It is also a solid knowledge base for application-oriented research on key enabling technologies, supported by policy on the deployment of ‘human capital’, internationalisation and marketing. The Agenda will be updated during 2023.

In order to facilitate interaction between key stakeholders in the field of key enabling technologies, Holland High Tech has split the scope into the themes of health, security, climate (including energy and water), mobility and sustainability (including the circular economy and food).

These societal themes are fleshed out in road maps: our blueprints for the technologies. Each roadmap is controlled by a dedicated team of experts from companies and research institutions.


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What is a Knowledge and Innovation Agenda?

The government has formulated a new approach for the top sectors and innovation in its Mission-Driven Top Sectors and Innovation Policy. In this approach, economic opportunities and societal tasks are two sides of the same coin. The Mission-Driven Top Sectors and Innovation Policy includes 25 missions divided into 4 societal themes. Since 2019, the top sectors have worked together to create Knowledge and Innovation Agendas for each societal theme, with key enabling technologies and societal earning capacity as the underlying focus.

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