Digitalisation is moving at a rapid pace. As vital infrastructures and key systems are transformed and readied for tomorrow's world, more and more is being demanded of the networks that support them. The boundaries between the digital and physical worlds are becoming blurred, so, as a result, there is an ever more prominent emphasis on the secure use of systems.

Due to the emergence of the Internet of Things, quantum communications and 5G, everything is highly interconnected. This presents both opportunities and challenges: digital networks are essential, but often vulnerable. To ensure that systems and networks can be used in a secure manner, Holland High Tech is committed to smart technologies, so that systems, data and information become innovation drivers in a secure and prosperous society.

A secure quantum future

The QuTech Research Centre focuses on developing scalable prototypes of hardware and software to make secure quantum computing and the quantum internet possible.

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For the Netherlands, innovation is essential. We are working on smart technologies to address major societal challenges: Dutch solutions to global issues. Through technological innovation and with our unique knowledge, we as a country are acting to ensure security of work and income in the future. Holland High Tech increases the impact of innovation. Find out more about our themes and our (key) technologies.

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Holland High Tech EVENT 2022

The annual EVENT to meet and inspire one another. To come together, with colleagues from the business community, knowledge institutions and governments. How are we doing and what opportunities await us? We will share that and more during our EVENT. Will you join us (again) this year? Dutch spoken.

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What is going on in the ecosystem? Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in our top sector and discover the latest high tech applications and ongoing research.

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