Digitalisation & Smart Industry

Digitalisering inclusief Smart Industry staat voor snelle veranderingen. Als Holland High Tech streven wij naar innovaties die met inzet van digitale technologieën smart industry bevorderen. Om wereldwijd te blijven ontwikkelen moeten we focussen op digitalisering en smart industry, ook om de circulaire economie en de energietransitie mogelijk te maken.

Stand of affairs

Digitalization and smart industry are themes that are changing economies and societies worldwide at a rapid pace. It is important to keep up with this transformation. As a sector, we must innovate with new digital technologies and stimulate the development of innovations in (new) digital technologies. Can we digitize and automate production and business processes and data exchange? Then we can continue to participate on the international playing field. This makes our Dutch companies future-proof.


With the help of digitalization and smart industry, we work more efficiently, more flexibly and more sustainably. In this way we strengthen the international competitive position and increase the contribution to the urgent transitions of Dutch hightech and manufacturing companies. The use of digitalization and smart industry is not only important to maintain our innovative capacity and economic and social impact. It also offers opportunities to develop new (international) value chains, business models and control points. We cannot and do not do this alone. We work together with the Top Sector ICT to stimulate the development of knowledge and innovations, including with digital key technologies.

We support the application of digitalization and smart industry and the development of technologies that come with it. We also endorse the Smart Industry Scaling Agenda to accelerate, broaden and increase the application of digitalization and smart industry in the HTSM sector. We also connect current initiatives, knowledge and support options from European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIH) and Regional Development Societies with our network.

Action points

Transition team: bringing digitalisation into the sector

With the Digitalization Transition Team we explore the most important developments and components of digitalization for research and innovation projects. How can we then implement this for the hightech sector? This way we can pay more attention to the digital components in research and innovation projects and focus more on the digital infrastructure of research projects and innovations. In this way we want to develop and implement innovations more efficiently and safely.

Accelerate developments and apply digitalisation and smart industry

How can we bundle existing and planned activities? The Transition Team will check this on the basis of a request for the roadmaps and strategic programs. In addition, the Transition Team inventories which supporting initiatives, innovations or research the sector needs. We use the KIA Digitalisation as a basis and we work together with Top Sector ICT. Based on this KIA, the Transition Team draws up its own agenda. As a sector, we are jointly tackling the challenges associated with the transition and seizing the opportunities that digitalization and smart industry offer us.

It is important that our hightech and manufacturing companies use and implement digitalization and smart industry. We connect our sector with initiatives and opportunities outside the sector. We spread knowledge and share best practices and learnings. We are working to increase awareness of the opportunities and challenges of digitalization and smart industry. These are all activities with which we encourage innovation using new digital technologies. And we have an eye for broad knowledge development: in learning communities we contribute to the development of educational programs on these topics.

Investing in research

We encourage partnerships between companies, knowledge institutions and governments to accelerate the implementation of smart industry in hightech SMEs. With our strategic programming we work on the development of digital key technologies, as is also reflected in the KIA Key Technologies. We also actively participate in National Growth Fund programs on these topics in our sector. We use this to develop knowledge and innovations in ICT. We also support programs that help SMEs with their digital transition.


We look to the future: to the urgent transitions, the innovations that contribute to them and our role in this as a high-tech sector. We cannot do this alone, but we do this together with stakeholders from our ecosystem: leaders from the business community, from knowledge institutions and training courses and from the government. We will work together!

To the VISION 2030


Innovation is essential for the Netherlands. We work on smart technologies to tackle major societal challenges: Dutch solutions for global issues. With technological innovation and unique knowledge, we as a country anticipate security of work and income in the future. Holland High Tech increases the impact of innovation. Discover more about the urgent transitions and our (key) technologies.

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