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Innovation Broker Rolf van Anholt has extensive experience in consultancy and IT and a passion for thinking in terms of solutions. In addition to InnovatieMakelaar, Rolf is also the founder of PLTFRM, a company that offers modular solutions by collaborating with expert service providers. His journey through the world of consultancy, from Capgemini to Eneco, has brought him into contact with various sectors and challenges. As an Innovation Broker, he strives to bridge the gap between passionate organizations and companies with innovative challenges. With a unique combination of technical knowledge, entrepreneurship and a passion for innovation, Rolf van Anholt is a driving force behind successful collaborations and innovation.

Foto Rolf van Anholt: Studio LNRD

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About Rolf van Anholt

Rolf studied at the HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and obtained a Bachelor's degree in Business Engineering in 2005. Rolf has been working in IT since 2005 and started as a technical SAP consultant at Capgemini after studying technical business administration at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences. With experience at Capgemini, Ordina, Ymor, and now as an Innovation Broker, he has developed a broad technical basis. As co-founder of and Product Portfolio Manager at Sentia Netherlands, he has created successful IT-managed services ecosystems and developed integrated portfolios.

Since his appointment as Innovation Broker in August 2023, Rolf has focused on supporting companies with innovative challenges, such as a project with municipalities focused on cyber security and the use of artificial intelligence at Reliving, a platform for second-hand furniture.

My career is characterized by diversity and continuous development, says Rolf van Anholt.

Why are you an Innovation Broker?

Rolf's passion for developing innovations and collaborating with organizations that have challenges brought him to Innovation Makelaarsschap.

What I enjoy most is helping organizations see where they can develop further. And help them with concrete solutions. This also offers me the opportunity to explore different markets, engage in conversations with entrepreneurs and connect companies with the right opportunities and partners.

In which sector are you active?

Rolf van Anholt: ''I am active as an IT service provider, mainly as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV), in healthcare, energy but also in manufacturing. I have helped various parties in these sectors, including the top 4 Dutch municipalities, RIVM, the Port Authority, Eneco, NS, ProRail, Rabobank and Liberty Global. The diversity in industries has fueled my passion for learning new challenges.”

What can entrepreneurs come to you for?

"Entrepreneurs can contact me if they need help getting from A to B efficiently with limited investments. My focus is on supporting SMEs that need practical help to achieve their digital goals. I help with smarter automation and innovation in generic IT challenges, for example in cyber security, data and the use of artificial intelligence," says Van Anholt.

What can we wake you up for at night?

Two things that can wake me up at night: cooking and snowboarding. Cooking is my escape; I enjoy preparing complex dishes, together with friends but also alone.


News SME innovation