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As a high-tech entrepreneur, are you familiar with Big Science and are you actively considering working with it? Or have you not yet heard of this and are you curious about the opportunities and possibilities Big Science offers for your company? Then this meeting is interesting for you!

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On the 2nd of June at the Mikrocentrum in Veldhoven, the worlds of high-tech and major technical-scientific challenges will meet. Do you want to know how you can successfully become involved in technically challenging Big Science projects and how you can use them to innovate with your own company? Then sign up.

Fellow entrepreneurs with this Big Science experience explain it. We can already reveal one thing: you are never alone: ​​the chain of suppliers plays – especially in the Netherlands – an indispensable role in a Big Science assignment.

In addition to these past experiences, new challenges are presented for which partners are still being sought throughout the supply chain. There will be ample opportunity for a company to get a picture of which competencies must come together to achieve a joint successful completion of these projects. The Industrial Liaison Officers of NWO's ILO network are ready to start the conversation and answer questions.


The day starts at 12 – 13 with a walk-in and lunch. The program consists of the following parts:

Introductory presentations

  • Marc Hendrikse (HTSM) - Opportunities for HTSM companies within Big Science
  • Jan Visser (BigScience.NL) - The role of the Industrial Liaison Officers and the ILO network; BigScience.NL

Industry Experiences with Big Science Organizations

  • Hans Priem (VDL) - experiences with CERN
  • Arno van Mourik (Airborne) - experiences with ESO
  • Alberto Donadoni (ATG) - experiences with fusion research; F4E

Opportunities for collaboration with Big Science projects

  • Rob van der Meer (Nikhef) - challenges for the Einstein Telescope & ET pathfinder
  • Marco de Baar (DIFFER) - energy research projects; ITER and F4E
  • Jan Geralt at de Vaate (SRON) - projects at ESA

To conclude the program, the Friday afternoon drink will start at 16:30!

Industrial Liaison Officers

The Industrial Liaison Officers (ILOs), each from their own institute, form the link between the Dutch High Tech industry and Big Science Organizations to ensure that interesting collaborative projects, tenders and innovation opportunities are made known to interested companies. The ILOs are united in the BigScience.NL network with which they jointly inform companies about opportunities at Big Science organizations and support them in their relationships with these organisations.

Big Science

Big Science organizations are large (inter)national scientific infrastructures where Dutch institutes try to answer their scientific questions in large partnerships. Such organizations are constantly looking for suppliers and partners to improve or expand these infrastructures, procuring or developing a wide variety of equipment.

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