Podcast News Lighting Photonics Semiconductor Equipment Sustainability

Eindhoven-based SMART Photonics is at the absolute forefront of probably the 'most important technological breakthrough of the past ten years': photonic chips. Photonic chips have the unique property that they use photons (light) instead of electrons (current) for information transfer. This makes the chips faster, smaller and much more energy efficient than the current chips. But what will it take to get the world ready for this technology? And who will be the big players?

Source: De Ondernemer

Good positioning

Roelof Hemmen talked to Johan Feenstra, the CEO of this possible new unicorn from Brabant:

The semiconductor industry is ultra competitive and only allows a few players. SMART Photonics is well positioned to become one of maybe three leading companies in the world.

The podcast series

This podcast series was created in honor of the Brabant Development Agency's 40th anniversary and is a four-part series of interviews with the CEOs of Brabant companies that distinguish themselves through both their extraordinary social impact and their exceptional growth potential. Listen to the podcase now on Spotify.

Podcast News Lighting Photonics Semiconductor Equipment Sustainability