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Roadmap Lighting 2024-2027

Today, lighting is responsible for approximately 12% of our global electricity consumption per year. By switching to more energy-efficient LED lighting, we can drop this to 8% by 2030, even while the total number of light points continues to rise. Only by deploying advanced Solid-State Lighting (SSL) component solutions, by using intelligent lighting systems based on SSL and by using natural daylight as an integral part of these intelligent lighting systems, can we meet this demand and further reduce energy consumption. The transition to SSL will also enable us to make much more efficient use of scarce materials.

With the advent of the 24/7 economy, human activity is no longer limited to the daytime. By mimicking daylight and tuning the light spectra and light distribution (individually), we can better respond to perceptual, psychological and biological needs, and as such create healthier and more effective lighting conditions. Such human-centric lighting will have a positive impact on people's health, well-being and performance.

Light can also play an important role in combating virus outbreaks and reducing the growth of bacteria and fungi. In recent decades, vertical farming technology has been introduced for the cultivation of vegetables and soft fruits. With a well-controlled environment, new health benefits, food safety, optimized nutrients and extended shelf life can be provided.

In addition, light provides the perfect infrastructure for internet access anytime and anywhere. Today, lighting is an integral part of the Internet of Things (IoT), enabling inclusive, innovative and reflective societies that will further unlock the added value of lighting.

The new Lighting Roadmap presents a clear path for the future, building on past achievements and strategic collaborations.

View the updated roadmap that highlights developments for the period 2024-2027.

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Climate Sustainability Health Security Mobility News Lighting Energy transition