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Nanotechnology for emission problems in livestock farming

Could the innovative product PolluFix offer a solution to the emission problem of agriculture and livestock farming and under what conditions? Innoflex has set to work on this question with innovation brokers Xander Pieterse and Erwin Dolmans. Livestock farming has an urgent challenge to reduce harmful emissions such as methane, particulate matter and, last but not least, ammonia. There are still few solutions available for low-threshold and cost-effective purification or prevention of emissions from stables.

Talks were held with livestock farmers, policy makers, emission and livestock farming experts over a number of weeks. The intention was to gather knowledge and understanding, to test new ideas and to strengthen the network around InnoFlex. This in order to then determine a route to bring it to the market for livestock farming.


Innoflex founder Kevin Lagarde as one of the finalists in the competition 'Most innovative student of the Netherlands'.

PolluFix Aero

InnoFlex produces the innovative PolluFix Aero. Titanium oxide is applied to a foil using nanotechnology. Under the influence of light and moisture, this substance acts as a catalyst and neutralizes harmful particles from the ambient air. Furthermore, it can be applied in various 'nano-structures' for the purpose of increasing the interface between the titanium oxide and the air. Air pollution today has become a huge threat to the well-being of plants, animals and people. InnoFlex's mission is to tackle air pollution around the world by innovating specialized films that can break down air pollution and mass-producing these films.

Important insights and promising results

An important insight was that the original idea would not work, so an old idea was used: that of using an air cleaning system filled with foil with nano-layers of titanium oxide. A plan has been drawn up around this idea and now, a year later, the solution has been further developed, tested on a lab scale and recently also tested in a pigsty in Brabant. The results are promising.

Support from the livestock sector

This new application of the InnoFlex technology is receiving a lot of support from the livestock sector and is being viewed with great curiosity. The solution could stand alone, but above all could also be a nice addition to solutions that prevent harmful emissions from being formed. The great thing is that it is easy to assemble and disassemble and can be used in existing stables.

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