Research and innovation in aeronautics are the key to tomorrow's mobility and prosperity, and play a major role in ensuring our ability to meet environmental and energy challenges. Travel must become climate-neutral, while remaining safe, fast and affordable. Given the urgency of this task, we must take action to accelerate these developments. The move to climate neutrality requires disruptive propulsion and aerodynamic concepts. In short; less weight and less aerodynamic drag.

Value for the Dutch high tech industry

The first step is to develop and certify 30% more fuel-efficient aircraft that can be offered commercially by 2035. This is a major technical challenge and will require significant improvements to all parts of the aircraft: better aerodynamics, lightweight structures and more fuel-efficient engines. In addition, existing aircraft must be modified to be capable of using sustainable aviation fuels such as bio-kerosene and synthetic kerosene.

The ambitions of the Dutch aeronautics sector are to double market share by achieving global market leadership in aerospace materials, participating in new aircraft platforms, providing complete systems and integrated products and services, achieving international leadership in the global maintenance market through revolutionary maintenance concepts and by having access to the best education in aeronautics.

Not only are aerospace technologies needed for innovation within aeronautics, other key technologies are also becoming increasingly important for the aeronautics sector. These can be technologies used in an aircraft, (AI, hydrogen, etc.) but also technologies needed for manufacturing and maintenance (robotisation, design tools, etc.) or at the airport (block chain).

What we do as Holland High Tech

Holland High Tech supports the sector by funding research and innovation and by finding the right partners in the business community, and within government and education. We contribute to the international perspective.

Aeronautics Road Map

The Holland High Tech 2020-2025 Road Map describes how the aeronautics and aerospace sector will develop in the next five years. This road map is a stakeholder vision of the R&D needs of the Dutch aeronautics and aerospace sector in the period up to 2025. This road map is intended as a guideline that sets out a further development path for the industry and its stakeholders, and defines a supportive strategy for government, to ensure optimal continued development in partnership with education and to contribute to solutions in this decade.

Aeronautics Road Map

Aeronautics Road Map 2020 - 2025

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