Value for the Dutch high tech industry

Infrastructure in Space is critical to innovation in economic, scientific, and societal fields of application. In view of this, space is a cross-sector activity in the context of the Dutch Top Sectors.

What we do as Holland High Tech

Holland High Tech supports the sector with funding for research and innovation, and by finding the right partners in the business community, and within government and knowledge institutions. This also contributes to the international perspective.

Space Road Map

Through active development programmes for space technologies and applications, the Dutch sector offers unique solutions to societal issues of global concern, such as climate and security. Holland High Tech's 2020-2030 Road Map outlines the space sector's agenda for the next decade. The Netherlands Space Office provides advisory input for the road map.

Space Road Map

HTSM Road Map Space 2020

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For the Netherlands, innovation is essential. We are working on smart technologies to address major societal challenges: Dutch solutions to global issues. Through technological innovation and with our unique knowledge, we as a country are acting to ensure security of work and income in the future. Holland High Tech increases the impact of innovation. Find out more about our themes and our (key) technologies.

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Holland High Tech EVENT 2022

The annual EVENT to meet and inspire one another. To come together, with colleagues from the business community, knowledge institutions and governments. How are we doing and what opportunities await us? We will share that and more during our EVENT. Will you join us (again) this year? Dutch spoken.

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