A healthy society is a resilient society. The technologies being developed in the Holland High Tech network provide answers to complex health issues. We are reinventing the health sector and acting to keep care affordable by both structurally investing in prevention and ensuring round-the-clock preparedness for unexpected crisis situations.

Holland High Tech is committed to an optimally functioning healthcare infrastructure. Continuous innovation is essential to this. For example, by setting up connections between technical universities and medical research centres, and facilitating research projects both inside and outside the hospitals, we are the driving force behind developments that will raise the entire prevention chain to a higher level. From cure to care.

Innovative medical imaging

Medical imaging applications such as X-ray and MRI result in faster detection of diseases and disorders. The IMDI (Innovative Medical Devices Initiative) focuses on smarter acquisition and processing of imaging materials and offers innovative options for surgery without large incisions, neurorehabilitation, and informal and home care.

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Retrospective EVENT 2022

Energy and inspiration! We are thrilled that you enjoyed our EVENT as much as we did. Your enthusiastic reactions and compliments on the quality of the content, the update on current affairs, as well as the speakers are greatly appreciated.

Time for a retrospective. Enjoy the videos, presentations and articles of the Holland High Tech event 2022 (in Dutch).

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For the Netherlands, innovation is essential. We are working on smart technologies to address major societal challenges: Dutch solutions to global issues. Through technological innovation and with our unique knowledge, we as a country are acting to ensure security of work and income in the future. Holland High Tech increases the impact of innovation. Find out more about our themes and our (key) technologies.

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