Climate issues affect us all and translate into a wide range of societal challenges. Effectively coping with global warming and the exhaustion of our fossil fuels requires innovative and multidisciplinary solutions. So we are deploying our entire ecosystem across the board in response.

Holland High Tech Holland High Tech is committed to the resulting partnerships between private and public partners, thereby facilitating ground-breaking research, concrete applications and much-needed breakthroughs in the field of climate and global warming. The associated technologies are key elements in these new scenarios. Acting now ensures that we do not saddle future generations with the bill and that we start to tackle tomorrow's challenges today.


For the Netherlands, innovation is essential. We are working on smart technologies to address major societal challenges: Dutch solutions to global issues. Through technological innovation and with our unique knowledge, we as a country are acting to ensure security of work and income in the future. Holland High Tech increases the impact of innovation. Find out more about our themes and our (key) technologies.

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